Top 25 Up and Coming Nutrition Blogs


If you want to live a healthy lifestyle through nutritious foods, you might learn how to eat correctly through blogs offered by registered dietitians (RDs), companies that specialize in nutrition and other professionals. Within the past two years, many nutritionists have come online to offer their advice and recipes through blogs, and we’ve garnered 25 up-and-coming nutrition blogs in this list. The bloggers listed below created their sites in or after March, 2009, and each blog is listed by month of creation within 2009 or 2010.


  1. Nature or Devin distills health, fitness and nutrition information into easy to understand language for people who find diet and exercise overwhelming. He hopes to show you that your personal well-being is an easily attainable goal (March).
  2. Nutrition Evolution: Nutrition evolution is getting an overhaul as this blogger will offer videos, classes, workshops, and beyond in a mission to educate and inspire people to take charge of their health. This blog focuses on the adage that you are what you eat (March).
  3. Cafe Yumm! Founders Mark and Mary Ann Beauchamp have created a welcoming atmosphere and from the basics of rice and beans, developed a menu balancing a combination of elemental foods with a lighthearted sense of fun (May).
  4. Rain Newsroom Blog: Rain Nutrition began business operations in 2009; building and delivering nutritional products dedicated to aiding modern societies that lack ample nutrition to support and sustain long term health (June).
  5. Food Insight Blog: The International Food Information Council Foundation is dedicated to the mission of effectively communicating science-based information on health, food safety and nutrition for the public good (September).
  6. Darin’s Naturals: Darin’s Naturals has successfully sourced over 300 unique, sustainable herbs and superfoods throughout the world. Darin’s Naturals has been formulating and consulting for many private companies and professionals (November).
  7. Appetite for Health: Two busy working women who are registered dietitians (RDs) are just as stressed, work too much, have killer cravings, struggle with emotional eating, and do have to watch what they eat or they’ll pack on pounds — just like everyone else. They try to show that healthy eating is delicious, satisfying and always possible, no matter the circumstances (December).
  8. Around the Plate: This blogger’s dream job (now that she is a registered dietitian) is to write nutrition articles for nationwide publications. Her blog, hopefully, will reach an international audience, as it’s clever, interesting and fun to read (December).


  1. Eat Well Thymes: The founder of Eat Well Meal Plans, Jennifer Cohen Katz R.D., is a registered dietitian with a passion for food and cooking. In her private practice, she teaches individuals make the right food choices to help control their weight and prevent or control nutrition-related diseases and still provide enjoyable culinary experiences with a nutritious diet (January).
  2. Food and Nutrition LibraryEating Simple: In conjunction with starting her own nutrition consulting business, several people have told this blogger to start a blog. She includes healthy recipes, nutrition advice, and reviews of the latest and greatest diets on the market (January).
  3. Fit to Eat: Chris Rosenboom is a professor emerita of nutrition at Georgia State University in Atlanta. As a nutrition consultant, she works with companies and organizations to promote healthy living in adults — from athletes to baby boomers (January).
  4. The Perfect Pet Food Blog: What list about nutrition would be complete without a pet food blog about healthy pet food, treats and nutrition? This blog fits the bill for dog and cat owners along with other health news (January).
  5. Peace, Love, and Food: Kara Lydon, Registered Dietitian, believes that nutrition is a fundamental piece in achieving health and wellness. The purpose of her blog is to inspire a peace of mind around what you eat and a love for nutritious food. A reflection of her life based around food, nutrition, and wellness, her blog also provides tips along the way on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. (February).
  6. Dietitians Online Blog: This blog was created to acknowledge the dedication and talents of the registered dietitian on the Internet and to provide reliable on-line food and nutrition information to the media, consumer, health professional and educator (March).
  7. Nutrition for the Future: This blog examines topics related to child nutrition and food in schools. Dayle Hayes, Chair of School Nutrition Services DPG, focuses on positive, creative solutions to childhood weight and health concerns in this blog (March).
  8. Radio Nutrition: Donna Psiaki Feldman, MS RD, has been a registered dietitian for more than 30 years, and consults on nutrition information management, food product development and individual counseling for food allergy, eating disorders, weight management, heart health and childhood nutrition (April).
  9. Nutrition Blog Network: The Nutrition Blog Network is a collection of blogs written by registered dietitians. If you want to learn how you can safely lose those last 5 pounds, find healthy recipes for your family, lower your cholesterol, jump start a healthy lifestyle, seek solutions for your picky preschooler or learn what to eat when you’re pregnant, you can find what you’re looking for in their Nutrition Blog Directory (May).
  10. Skinny Eats Cleveland: “Sue The Caring Foodie” is a lover of healthy foods and cooking and a registered dietitian. She loves to explore her home of Cleveland, Ohio, in search of great food and creative ways to prepare it (May).
  11. The Gluten-Free RD: This blogger’s mission is to provide those on a gluten-free diet with the information and resources they need to strike a balance between eating gluten-free and healthfully, while doing it happily. A registered dietitian and experienced food and nutrition communications professional with Celiac Disease writes this blog (May).
  12. Food SecurityNutrition Warehouse: Nutrition Warehouse provides customers with access to the most sort after quality sports bodybuilding supplements and General Health supplements available at the best price with a professional approach to service and quality (June).
  13. The Best Pickle: A registered dietitian living in Portland, Oregon hopes that by sharing her weekly meal plans, she can inspire others to prepare more home-cooked meals, leading to a resurgence in family dinners, mealtime conversation, and neighborly connections (June).
  14. Foodies Not Fatties: This blog was created to take recipes that are delicious and amazing and tweak them to make them a little bit healthier. In other words, these two registered dietitians have made it a mission to make Paula Deen’s recipes healthier to eat (July).
  15. Nutritiously Happy: Torey Jones is a registered dietitian and nutrition writer and speaker in Chicago who currently works in medical nutrition therapy as a clinical dietitian. She subscribes to a simple and basic approach to nutrition, doesn’t dwell on the nutrient composition of foods, and doesn’t count calories (July).
  16. Little Green Blog: If you’re looking for topics such as environmental issues, eco-conscious, sustainable living, gardening, self sufficiency, real food, frugality, reducing energy usage, reusing, reducing, recycling, recipes, repairs, fair trade, organic, making your own cleaning products and natural healing methods, this is your blog (August).
  17. The Nutrition Twins: Tammy Lakatos Shames and Elysse (“Lyssie”) Lakatos share more than identical features; they share identical success in the competitive field of nutrition and wellness. Tammy and Lyssie have become known for their unique approach to nutrition counseling, corporate lecturing, writing, making media appearances and consulting to multinational food companies (October).
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