Top 50 eBooks for Nurses


Technology is making it increasingly easy to carry references around with us. Nurses are likely to find that they can use mobile devices and ereaders to keep up with the latest techniques and health news, as well as study and increase their knowledge. Being able to carry a medical library around with you is a great advantage for a nurse, since it provides you with a handy reference in a variety of situations. Student nurses can also benefit by being able to use ebooks as study aids when they have a few minutes, or when they are commuting to and from school. If you are looking for a way to improve your knowledge, and to find a quick reference when you need it, here are 50 great ebooks for nurses:

General Reference

Helpful insights into general information that nurses often need to have. Get information from these books, and brush up on procedures and other health related items.

  1. The Merck Manual: This medical reference is helpful for any nurse looking to find information on different diseases and treatments. Cost: $49.95
  2. Obstetrics For Nurses: A great resource for you to learn more about obstetrics. Cost: Free
  3. Fundamentals of Nursing: Get this helpful book for a reminder of the basics associated with nursing. Cost: $63.80
  4. Moby’s Medical Encyclopedia: Get references for medicine, and helpful information on a variety of subjects. Cost: Free
  5. Principles of Epidemiology: A great reference for learning about epidemiology, especially in public health. Cost: Free
  6. The Clinical Medicine Consult: Looks at different medical conditions and includes useful information. Cost: $68.95
  7. Medical Calculator Pocket: A great reference containing medical formulas. Cost: $16.95
  8. Medical Abbreviations and Terminology: Get a good look at different abbreviations. Cost: $9.95
  9. Bantam Medical Dictionary: A simple reference to medical terms. Cost: $7.50
  10. Harrison’s Manual of Medicine: Helpful hints and easy reference. Cost: $59.95
  11. Nursing and Physical Assessment Study Guide: Learn more about assessing patients. Cost: $19.99


From drug reference to dosing, these ebooks can be quite helpful. Get access to drug information and hints with these ebooks.

  1. ABX Guide: Johns Hopkins University offers this helpful guide to antibiotics. Cost: $24.95
  2. Drug Calculations for Nurses: This ebook offers a helpful look at dosage calculations. Cost: Free
  3. Drug Class Reviews: A look at the safety and effectiveness of different drugs. Cost: Free
  4. Davis’s Drug Guide: Get helpful information on drugs, and guidance for name brand and generic drugs. Cost: $49.95
  5. Clinician’s Pocket Drug Reference: A quick reference to different commonly used medications. Cost: $12.95
  6. Nurse’s Pocket Drug Guide: A helpful reference aimed just at nurses. Cost: $12.95
  7. Pharmacology Study Guide: Great look at drugs and other pharmacology related topics. Cost: $19.99
  8. Chemistry and Physics for Nurse Anesthesia: A great reference for nurses involved with anesthesia. An interesting and enlightening read. Cost: $80.00
  9. Drug Therapy Pocket: Helpful insights into different drug therapies. Cost: $16.95
  10. Drug Education Library: This includes publications on different dangerous drugs, from alcohol to cocaine.


Study human anatomy and physiology. These are great ebooks for understanding how the human body works, helping you become a better nurse.

  1. Human Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide: Helpful look at human anatomy. Cost: $9.99
  2. Atlas of Human Anatomy: This is a cool book published in 1841, with great pictures of human anatomy. Cost: Free
  3. Anatomy of the Human Body: The 1918 version of Gray’s famous book.
  4. Heptology 2010: Learn more about the liver, gallbladder, pancreas and other related organs. A great look at how these organs work in the body. Cost: Free
  5. Cardiology Explained: A simple and helpful book about cardiology. Straightforward and interesting. Cost: Free
  6. The Brain From Top To Bottom: A great read from the Canadian Institute of Neurosciences.
  7. Fitzpatrick’s Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology: Learn more about the skin. Cost: $74.95
  8. A Practical Physiology eBook: Helpful look at human physiology for your use. Cost: Free
  9. Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology: A great look at how the human body works. Cost: $64.95
  10. Cliffs Quick Review – Anatomy and Physiology: Reference to help you quickly brush up on the human body. Cost: $9.99

Mental Health

Learn how to help those with mental health issues. These helpful ebooks can provide you with good references and useful insights.

  1. Quick Reference to the DSM-IV-TR Diagnostic Criteria: Helpful information from the American Psychiatric Association. Cost: $35.00
  2. Quick Reference to APA Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders: A helpful look at psychiatric disorders. Cost: $44.95
  3. Introducing Mental Health: A useful primer on mental health. Cost: $39.95
  4. Mental Health Context: The World Health Organization offers insights into mental health on a global scale. Cost: $18.00
  5. The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide: Nurses can get valuable insight about Aspergers from this book. Cost: $37.00
  6. Women and Depression: Discovering Hope: A helpful guide about helping women through depression. Cost: Free
  7. Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health: Helpful for young people. Cost: $44.99
  8. Primary Care Mental Health: The basics of mental health care. Cost: $63.00
  9. Mental Health Atlas: Another helpful mental health publication from the World Health Organization. Cost: $45.00

Patient Care

You can be a better nurse when you understand how to help your patients live healthier lives, and when you improve your manner.

  1. Medical Spanish Pocket Plus: Nurses can benefit from knowing how to communicate with Spanish speaking patients about things that affect them. Cost: $24.95
  2. Nursing notes the easy way: Learn how to write effective and useful nursing notes. Cost: $3.00
  3. Clinical Wound Care and Skin Infections: Helpful look at caring for wound care. Cost: $12.95
  4. Nutrition Study Guide: A great help to nurses who want to be able to counsel their patients about proper nutrition. Cost: $19.99
  5. ABC of Nutrition: Guidelines on nutrition, as well as information on the benefits of good nutrition. Cost: $29.95
  6. The Complete Nutrition Counter: Great information on different foods, and handy information on nutrients. Cost: $7.99
  7. Nutrition Almanac: An easy reference covering the essentials of nutrition and its importance to the body. Cost: $19.95
  8. 5-Factor Fitness: Nurses can benefit from learning from this fitness ebook. Helpful look at exercise. Cost: $12.99
  9. Exercise Therapy: Helpful look at how physical activity can help improve health outcomes. Great for nurses looking to help their patients. Cost: $51.95
  10. Exercise, Nutrition and the Older Woman: Great primer on exercise for seniors. A great help for nurses looking for insight. Cost: $109.95
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