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25 Useful Blackberry Apps for Nurses: Mister Medicine

25 Useful Blackberry Apps for Nurses


Most nurses want to do their best to help patients. In many cases, nurses spend a great deal of time with patients, helping them with their treatment plans, treating their problems, and helping out if problems arise. Many nurses have experience and savvy that make them quite useful, no matter the situation.

However, it can still help to have the references you need right at your fingertips. Thanks to technology and the rise of the smart phone, this is possible. Blackberry devices can help you get access to just what you need to better care for your patients as a nurse. Here are 25 Blackberry apps that are designed to help health care professionals:

Medical Reference

If you want general information about medicine, as well as definitions and other useful features, these Blackberry apps can be quite helpful.

  1. Nursing Central: A great reference for nurses, this blackberry app is perfect for helping you know just hat to do. It’s a bit pricey, but it has almost everything you need to know about nursing. Cost: $149.99
  2. Harrison’s Manual for Mobile and Web: Keep the information from one of the world’s premier medical guides at your fingertips. A great reference resource that includes up to date clinical references on a variety of subjects and conditions. Cost: $59.99
  3. Human Atlas: Few references are as useful as this series of apps aimed at providing images of the human body. Cost: $14.95 for each session or $76.95 for the complete set of apps.
  4. SkyScape Outlines in Clinical Medicine: Find out more about clinical medicine, reading information on new medical topics. Cost: Free
  5. SkyScape Medical Resources: This Blackberry app lets you access a number of references. A great way to get the information you need from a trusted source. Cost: Free
  6. Taber’s Medical Dictionary: Brush up on your medical terms. Not only are there definitions and helpful descriptions, but there are plenty of illustrations. A great way to review different terms, and improve your understanding of jargon. Cost: $49.99
  7. Anesthesia Central: If you are involved in with surgery patients, this Blackberry app is perfect for you . If includes everything you might need to know about treating patients before surgery, as well as during and after. Learn more about tests, drugs and more. A superior medical reference. Cost: $149.99

Diagnosis and Symptoms

While nurses can’t “officially” diagnose disease, these Blackberry apps can help you with understanding different conditions, as well as identifying symptoms that can help you provide better care.

  1. Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests: Find out more about different diagnostic tests. Learn what to expect, and how to identify different conditions. Cost: $39.99
  2. ECG Guide: Use this helpful tool to understand different ECGs. A great tool that can help you see examples and prepare for different conditions. Cost: $9.99
  3. SympID Lite: If you are looking for help identifying an issue, this Blackberry app can help. It helps you track symptoms and learn about them. Cost: Free
  4. Skin Cancer Image Viewer: Do you know what different types of skin cancer look like? You can get some help understanding skin cancer and identifying different types with help from these images. Cost: Free
  5. 5 Minute Clinical Consult: One of the coolest apps ever made for Blackberry. Takes you through the diagnosis of hundreds of medical conditions, including pediatric topics. A great way to learn more about various conditions. Cost: $79.99
  6. Johns Hopkins POC-IT ABX Guide: If you need information on symptoms and treatments, this guide is quite helpful. Great for nurses and medical students, this provides some great resources from the experts at Johns Hopkins school. A great way to help you treat patients more effectively. Cost: $29.99
  7. CheckMate: All about the symptoms you find in critical care patients. Designed to help the health care professional figure out how to help those who need fast medical attention. Cost: $69.99
  8. ACP PIER Database – Cardiology: Learn more about matters of the heart. This reference can help you identify heart conditions, as well as other issues, including deep venous thrombosis, lipid disorders and much more. Cost: $59.99

Drug Applications

Learn more about different prescription and over the counter drugs, as well as get dosing information. Great Blackberry applications that can help you ensure the best medication for your patients.

  1. Davis’s Drug Guide Mobile and Web: This is the compendium when it comes to drugs. Includes plenty of great features. You get free updates and a free 12-month subscription to the web site when you purchase this Blackberry app. Cost: $49.99
  2. Epocrates Rx: Another well known and respected drug reference, Epocrates offers you the chance to learn more about formulary, interactions and more. Includes prescription drugs and over the counter drugs. Cost: $99.99 for a yearly subscription.
  3. A to Z Drugs: Find out more about different medications. You can cross index this app with other Skyscape drugs. This is a great reference that includes FDa approvals, as well as side effects and indications. Cost: $49.99
  4. RxDrugs: If you are interested in dosing instructions regarding different drugs, this is the Blackberry app for you. Find out just about anything you need to know. Cost: Free
  5. Ah! Guide to Off Label Prescription Drugs: Do you need to get a handle on off label drugs. If you are looking for a helpful guide to prescribing, this is a great reference. Help your patients find alternatives with this Blackberry app. Cost: $2.99
  6. Tarascon Pharmacopoeia: Includes drug tables and calculators as well as information on thousands of drugs. You will also receive free updates to the app when you purchase it. A great way to keep up with all the latest in medications. Cost: $39.99
  7. Monthly Prescribing Reference: Using this reference to help you make the right decisions. It includes information on over the counter drugs as well. Interactions with other drugs, as well as other information. You can also get a desktop version. Cost: Free
  8. mobilePDR for Prescribers: Looks at FDA regulated medications. You will find photographs, and plenty of good information on drug labeling and more. Cost: Free
  9. Medication Infusion: Learn more about how to infuse drugs. Includes a calculator and simple directions for figuring out the infusion amounts for a variety of medications. Cost: $3.99
  10. AnesthesialICU Infusion: If you need to know how to infuse different drugs common to the ICU, this app is for you. Cost: $6.99
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