Top 50 Web Resources for RNs


If you are interested in becoming a Registered Nurse, one of the things you need to know is where you can go for information and for help. Thanks to technology, you can get access to pretty much any information you would like online. The Internet offers access to medical libraries and informational sites, as well as to case studies that can help you learn. It is also possible to find sample care plans online.

You can also meet other nurses and health care professionals online. Professional organizations and nursing social communities can be a great way to connect with others. You can get support, and you can ask questions of your peers. If you are looking for some helpful web resources, here are 50 to consider:

General Reference Sites and Medical Libraries

Find information about general medical concerns, and nursing ideas. You can access a wealth of knowledge online through these resources. Brush up on items you already know, and learn something new.

  1. PubMed: One of the best databases of medical information. Learn about clinical trials, access a great database, and even find journal articles.
  2. eMedicine: This is the WebMD for professionals. Check it out, and find great information.
  3. Welch Medical Library: From the Johns Hopkins University med school, this library is full of great references.
  4. An amazing resource that can help any nurse. It includes textbooks.
  5. Mayo Clinic: Get your information from one of the most trusted resources in the world. Great reference site full of solid info.
  6. Health On the Net Foundation: Use this great resource to help you find information about different health and medical topics.
  7. Healthline: Great reference information in a consumer friendly format.
  8. Intute: Visit this U.K. reference site for great information on various medical subjects.
  9. Medical Dictionary: This handy reference can provide you with what you need to keep up with the jargon used in health care settings.

Specialty Medical Reference

In addition to general sites, there are medical resources that are organized by specialty. If you are focusing on a specific area of nursing or health care, it can be useful to understand the issues related to your specialty.

  1. Internet Mental Health: A great reference site for mental health nurses.
  2. Get access to textbooks, journals, case studies and more related to pediatrics.
  3. An excellent resource for those who want to be nurse midwives, or who work various areas of women’s health.
  4. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center: A great reference and resource for cancer nurses.
  5. Sci-Info-Pages: This is a site devoted to information on spinal cord injuries.
  6. Clinical Neurophysiology on the Internet: Get specific information about neurophysiology. An interesting branch of medicine that you can learn more about.
  7. ElderCare Online’s Medical Research Assistant: If you are in geriatrics, this is a great reference.
  8. RxList: Use this resource to learn more about pharmacology, and what different drugs do.
  9. Medication Information Library: Helpful resource that keeps you up to date on the latest information on medications.

Care Plans

If you are looking for sample care plans, or if you want help creating a care plan, the following web sites can be quite helpful. These sites include great information on creating care plans, as well as templates you can use to improve your own care plans.

  1. CareScribble: Use this nursing care plan editor to create the best course of treatment for your patients.
  2. NursingCrib: Perfect place to go to learn the basics of nursing, and find helpful hints on creating a nursing care plan.
  3. Virtual Nurse: Information on how to write a nursing care plan. Step by step instructions.
  4. Comprehensive Nursing Care Plans: An interactive nursing care site.
  5. Learn about building plans, and see some samples.
  6. Transitional Care Planning: A great resource for those who want to put together a transitional care plan for patients.
  7. eHow: Simple step-by-step instructions for creating a good care plan.

Case Studies and Journals

Get the latest information on treatments and new breakthroughs. You can get access to case studies, as well as to peer-reviewed journals. Make sure you know what’s happening in the world of medicine so that you can apply it as you work with your own patients.

  1. Online Case Studies: Recent case studies that can be of use to just about anyone.
  2. Case Studies in Science: Plenty of medical case studies that are peer-reviewed and full of helpful information.
  3. Transcultural Nursing Case Studies: An interesting look at caring for those in different cultures. A very helpful resource in our shrinking world.
  4. Clinical Nursing Case Studies: Links to different case studies. Great resource for real life examples of nursing.
  5. Medical References: Great access to different reference materials and peer-reviewed journals.
  6. Directory of Open Access Journals: Get access to open access journal articles on nursing.
  7. The American Journal of Nursing: Get access to interesting articles about the latest advancements in nursing.
  8. The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing: Keep up with the latest issues in the nursing.

Profesional Nurse Organizations

If you are looking to make professional connections and get access to conferences and some other perks, you can visit the web sites of different professional organizations. Check with these organizations for career advancement opportunities, helpful nursing hints, and the latest headlines, nursing issues and more.

  1. International Council of Nurses: Interact with nurses on an international level.
  2. Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses: Connect with other med-surg nurses.
  3. American Nurses Association: Connect with other nurses, and get helpful information and advice.
  4. American Academy of Nurse Practitioners: If you are into advanced nursing practice, this society is for you.
  5. American College of Nurse Midwives: Nurse midwives can get career support and more.
  6. American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants: If you are looking for help from a legal consultant, or if you are one, this is a great resource.
  7. American Assembly for Men in Nursing: Specifically aimed at male nurses.
  8. American Forensic Nurses: An interesting organization for an interesting field in nursing.

Social Nurse Communities

Sometimes you just need to kick back and make social connections. Other times you may want to vent about the rigors of your job. Joining a nurse social community can help. You can ask questions, and find friends. These are great places to get practical tips that you can use every day, or meet other nurses.

  1. A great place for nurses to interact.
  2. Nursing Community: Interact with other nurses, be an advocate, and keep up with news.
  3. Ultimate Nurse: Plenty of nursing discussions, especially on travel nursing.
  4. NurseTogether: Connect with other nurses from around the world.
  5. NursingCenter: Great resources, and chances to chat with others.
  6. One of the most well-known social sites for nurses.
  7. Nurse Uncut: Candid community for nurses.
  8. Nurse Forum: Head over to NurseTV and connect with your nursing peers.
  9. Nursing Voices: Share your story with friends from around the world.
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