25 Web Startups Helping You Learn About Your Own Health

The rise of technology has allowed us to take charge of our own health care. You no longer have to be a nurse to know about your own health. Of course, you are better off when you work with a health care professional to keep track of your health, but you can be a more active participant than ever before.

Technology is providing ways to make knowledge more accessible, whether it’s your own health records, or new ways to monitor your vitals. In the end, this makes patient interaction with health care professionals more effective and more meaningful. There are plenty of companies eager to help you learn more about your own health. Here are 25 Health 2.0 companies ready to help you keep on top of your health:

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13 Beautiful Slideshows to Learn About the Human Body

Nurses and other health care professionals need to know about the human body. In order to better care for patients, it helps to be educated in human physiology and to have a general idea of anatomy. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to expand your knowledge of the human body by looking online for good information. Here are 13 slideshows that can help you learn more about the human body:

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50 Authoritative Tweeters with Daily Health Tips

Which resources do health care professionals use to stay on top of personal health and overall health care news? When it comes to Twitter, the most authoritative voices include government institutions, collegiate resources and publications or reporters who have gained reputations as the most reliable entities on the Web (and in print). The following list of 50 authoritative Tweeters with daily health tips includes all those voices, categorized and listed alphabetically within those categories. Continue reading

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Online LVN to RN Degrees

Licensed vocational nurses, better known as LVNs, have a perfect opportunity to become registered nurses (RN) thanks to the online LVN to RN degrees. These are online nursing programs designed for nurses who are already working and want to advance and get to the next level in the nursing profession. The course outline for such programs are made in such a way that students don’t have to repeat studies they had done before at the start of their nursing careers. This is perhaps the main advantage of such programs since it reduces the time you take to complete your degree studies. Continue reading

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