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Already possess LVN certification? The College Network can be a key partner in providing you with the education to accelerate your nursing career. By acting as a conduit between you and a host of partner universities, The College Network allows busy professionals like you to obtain earn registered nurse (RN) licensure. Using customized learning modules, you are able to complete both general education and elective courses that are transferable to an in-network university or one of thousands of schools across the United States.

LVN to RN Program Overview

The College Network can help you advance your career in midstream by giving you the tools and experience you need to succeed through their LVN to RN program. The College Network has outlined several steps which clearly define the path to your RN degree. Your journey begins with a program advisor, who will work with you to organize a course plan. The College Network provides you with a tailored set of learning modules that will prepare you for the next phase of your education.

Courses include:

  • Essentials of Nursing Care
  • Reproductive Health
  • Transition to the Registered Nurse Role
  • Health Differences Across the Life Span

These modules prepare you to sit for college equivalency exams, which enable you to earn course credit and enter Excelsior College, where you will complete your final training to become a certified RN.

While at Excelsior, you will study for the Focused Clinical Competency Exam, which tests your clinical competency knowledge. Next, you will be required to complete your clinical training that will prove your bedside manner. After graduating from Excelsior College, you will be required to pass your state’s board exam to earn your RN license. With its transitional approach, the College Network can be your partner and mentor you through the process of fulfilling your dreams.

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Online LVN to RN College Programs

The College Network
Paramedic to RN
The College Network — With the various online universities listed within the College Network, you can earn your LVN to RN degree completely online with no campus attendance. These NLNAC-accredited associate's degree programs can be earned in half the time and cost of traditional campus-based college degree programs.

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